We are a licensed and insured Southern California based General Contractor, offering
residential and commercial services. We thrive on delivering the best services and
quality, to meet our customer’s needs.

“Putting the pieces together to build your project.”

Building homes takes many parts and pieces like concrete, lumber, drywall, and roofing, but we focus on abstract items too, like communication, scheduling, quality, and budget to make them tangible.

Communication—We know how important it is to express the concerns, desires, and outcome of every project before a build. We also realize that these ideas may change with our client during the middle of the build, we get it, and we can adapt to those challenging changes through constant communication. We strive to make your goals our own.

Scheduling– Analyzing and reviewing a schedule that shows the steps of a project is always helpful. Knowing which tradesmen are coming and going on your build is important to see, not only on the jobsite, but on paper. We provide a schedule to show the flow of work progressing in a weekly, monthly, and quarterly manner.

Quality– Diligent planning, close supervision, and quality control are aspects in having a superior build. In addition, having a quality team of subcontractors that we use on a regular basis is a key component. It is important to us to have our team of specialized subcontractors licensed, insured, and professionally trained, therefore ultimately taking pride in their work, and delivering their best work.

Budget – Every person building a project has a budget they want to maintain. Through scheduling, communication and using our expert resources, we strive to maintain that budget.

Residential & Commercial Southern California General Contractor